The History 1946 – 2017

Parkers Garden Company is a family run business now in its third generation

Founded in 1946, the company has built up a reputation for quality and service

In 1946 just after the war the site of Frinton Road Nurseries was purchased by the late Geoffrey Parker who was looking for an interesting and rewarding means of supporting his wife and family. A retailer licence was obtained from the Ministry of Food and initially all produce went daily to the London Markets. However, over time the plant and flower side grew and the retail trade began to expand

Sadly in 1959 Geoffrey Parker died leaving his widow Joan to carry on, assisted by her eldest son Roger who at the time was still in school. This was a testing time, but hard work and loyalty meant that the business continued to grow

Over the years the business has slowly developed. In 1967 a new building, one of the first purpose built Garden centres in the country was built. This quickly proved too small and numerous additions appeared, almost every year



In 1990 the much awaited Coffee Shop arrived. As well as providing an extra service for customers we wanted to create a pleasant meeting place, so considerable thought was given to the general ambience
In 1995 with huge pressures on space at the Frinton site and no adjacent land available, alternatives had to be explored. The growing side of the business was transferred to Thorpe and ‘Parker’s Nurseries’ managed by son Geoffrey Parker was born. The company now supplies Garden Centres across the UK with a selection of bedding and house plants
Today the business continues to grow and expand. Roger Parker continues to head up the team at Parker’s Garden Centre with growing input from both his son Daniel and daughter Jo